should i start ranking
i shall tell you the final score
its heart first
thats easy
so then would i trade mine eyes
for a new pair of fingergloves
or my teeth for a brand new shiny car
what about my face or my butthole?
definitely up there
and above that my shoulders
ooh and dont forget to put toes way down at the bottom
probably right above my brain
where i ask myself? what's most important?
you and i rank because we are FORCED to rank
for a shiny new dollar
just because
and everything and all the flowers hurt
and sit and sigh with every breath (they breathe you know)
why won't you use a simple remedy
like the herbs and spices that are illegal?
why don't you order an investigation and demand research into natures remedies?
or is it simply too many doubts left? left of center?
you know it and i know you know it
the plants were made just for you and me
and they can't take it away
because we were made for each other
forever and always
and now im the hemorrhoid in a goddamn world that refuses to progress
that refuses to get its ass together and solve world hunger
or acknowledge what a field is
and lets its citizens starve to death
what a godless planet this is.
that refuses to bootstrap itself out of the stone age