cold in winter

i am three at once
i am maybe ready and tomorrow
i am tuna and starfish
fight now and beat my heart
for that heart and the hearts i know that surround us
find us dont fight us now and remember that
i can barely understand this
the fire that now surrounds us
the fire that now surrounds us
bids us go forward and fix your gaze for you must stare
... onward

for which i know i can call this

ill take what i may and always from what i may ill take
ill once only ever one way take
i am that which only ever goes
and ill never only ever understand nor figure out
that inside can be right
but only patience shows
never know so never question i know so therefore a question?
that maybe only ever forever ill know
a snowfalls frieze hidden in relief,
a sigh that whispers as it goes, or maybe through a carriage you know they whistle as they flows
the final details just can wait
but back to natures green through that circle ill take
i am the traveler the passenger the one making it fly
that upward spiral
do you get it?
i am trying with grace you see
but a low grade spiral ill take
or a badly drawn circle ill fake
i dont have to be
but am
i am not me but so I AM
dont you see
i am logic free
i know i am not worthy of but i cant control
the humble path of a servant
makes it up as it goes
so ill guess ill never know
that i only ever have harmony
because today is not here
and tomorrow never passed
unless i ever
learned not to complain fast
because if i extinguish than i came
to know
this whole can resonate a fun tone
please consider my plea
that you only need to fix things as you go
the goal if explain i may
understand half to get it all
its never time so dont explain take the pretty obviously plain

and please finish what you start i agree but really lets get radical
that never no one
for got how to
and since i think youll soon forget it
i said never no one forgot
how to play
remember what you already know and maybe some day down that line
you may
quench your thirst with every heart beat and maybe once and forever too because its while and during and just adjacent to