I am at peace where I am at. Complete freedom. Smoking. Writing every thought. He approached me. Telepathically told me his name. Said it was Sane, a surfer/ skateboarder. A vampire. Me. I am a werewolf. A writer. I am very good at what I do. I wonder how he surfs and the answer is simple. He surfs at night. These are professions and he surfs the waves, I write. Our wealth increases. A vampire and a werewolf in cooperation. Coherent. Communicating with each other. Wonderworld, the place that we inhabit. His thirst. I Kill, He drinks my blood. He places his hands on my waist and gently presses his lips against my neck. He is immortal, I am not. Whomever I kill only I can see and hear, until I am slain. Then They are released and set free. We are getting stronger as we rampage with a howl and a hiss.